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  • MeltingPot2020 Innovation Summit 2017

    MeltingPot2020 Innovation Summit is the only platform in the region enabling collaboration, networking and knowledge share between the various stakeholders in the innovation eco-system to catalyze the transformation of the region into a global innovation hub.

    The first edition of MeltingPot2020 saw 500+ industry and institution leaders participating in the two-day Summit and over 1000 students from leading schools and colleges participating in the parallel youth festival. We are now committed to making the second edition even bigger and more impactful.

    It is our great honour and privilege that Prof Sadagopan, Director, IIIT Bangalore and life-long proponent of innovation has consented to be the Chairperson for MeltingPot2020 Innovation Summit 2017.

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    MeltingPot2020 Innovation Summit 2016 Highlights
    Innovation Leaders Speak

    Message from the Chairperson

    As a country, India has been innovating over the ages. History is replete with instances of innovation by the society at large - from the discover of zero to Panini’s Ashtadhaya and more recently Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha. While Brexit is a recent occurrence, India managed to gain independence 70 years ago without firing a single shot through an idea which was transferred from one person to the next to create a veritable movement. Sanskrit is till today the only language that is closest to machine coded, programmable language. However, our innovations did not give rise to products and services that can impact the global market and thus give rise to wealth for the nation. Read More

    Prof S Sadagopan
    Director, IIIT Bangalore &
    Chairperson, MeltingPot2020 Innovation Summit 2017

    MeltingPot2020 2017 Steering Committee

    Mentors & Guides who are setting the vision and scale of MP2020

    • Anindya Chatterjee

      Professor, IIT Kanpur

    • Dinesh Malkani

      President, Cisco India & SAARC

    • KS Vishwanathan

      V.P (Industry Initiatives) Nasscom

    • LR Natarajan

      Innovation Consultant, IIM Indore

    • Partho Prathim Chakraborty

      Director, IIT Kharagpur

    • Prof. S. Sadagopan

      Director IIIT Bangalore

    • Dr. RA Mashelkar

      Fellow Royal Society & Former DG,CSIR

    • Prof. Rishikesha Krishnan

      Director, IIM Indore

    • VC Gopalratnam

      President, IT & CIO, Cisco

    Projects Corner


    CL Educate has signed an agreement with Su-Kam Power Systems Limited, India’s largest power solutions company to enable cutting edge research and start up incubation in universities in the area of power electronics.
    Under the aegis of the WAIN platform, covenants of this agreement include the following


    A CL & IIT-BHU Innovation Success

    IIT BHU is committed towards being a leading research institution by publishing 788 papers since Jan 2106 which also includes papers stemming from 40 International Collaborations. This prestigious Institute recently joined hands with Accendere, an edtech startup committed to promoting research culture among all stakeholders in the Society.


    ATAL Tinkering Labs

    Niti Ayog has selected 257 schools across India to set up Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL).
    Under the aegis of the Atal Innovation Mission, the vision of this program is to Cultivate one Million children in India as Neoteric Innovators. In the long run, the program has targeted setting up 500 ATLs across the country.

    Innovators Speak



    Innovation agreement signed between CL Educate & T-Hub. Read More

    Worldwide Academia-Industry Network (WAIN)

    Read More


    Innovation Awards

    Undergraduate and School awards were nominated based on their ingenuity and social impact and were decided by an eminent jury comprising of Prof S Sadagopan, Director, IIITB; Prof Rishikesha Krishnan, Director, IIM Indore and Prof Anindya Chatterjee from IIT Kanpur.
    The award-winning projects included Manouve, a device that improves vision from Manav Rachna University; a cigarette filter that absorbs toxins from IIT Rourkee and a Smartphone app that detects garbage from IIT Ropar.

    Industry Awards

    Lifetime Achievement Award – The award was humbly conferred on Prof Sadagopan for his commitment to innovation over the past few decades

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    Innovation Leader of the Year Award – This was presented to Mr KT Rama Rao for transforming Telangana into the top state in innovation focus and ease of doing business in the country.

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